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Types And Characteristics Of Slab Electroslag
Mar 20, 2018

    1. Single-Phase AC single Electrode type This type is mainly used for producing small section electric slag ingots.

The advantages are: simple equipment, easy to control, the disadvantage is inductance loss, low power efficiency, unbalanced three-phase, manufacturing large slab quality is poor. At present the world uses this kind of furnace mainly has the American Consarc 30t stove, applies in the United States Lukens Steel, the 4.3t Electroslag flat ingot of Tisco, the 6-8t electroslag slab ingot of Baosteel special steel.

    In application, it is necessary to adopt high voltage and low current to ensure that the components of Electroslag ingot are uniformly qualified.

    2. Low frequency single electrode type This type has no inductance loss, low power efficiency and three-phase imbalance problem, but it has the obvious disadvantage of deep melting pool, poor solidification quality and central segregation.

    At present the world uses this kind of furnace mainly to have Germany's ALD 50t stove, applies in Germany ThyssenKrupp Company, the production section is 650mmx1320mm (maximum ingot weight 30t), uses the Exchange electrode method production.

    3. Single-phase double electrode series type This type is suitable for producing large slab. The utility model has the advantages of reliable and simple operation, low loss of inductance, high power efficiency, shallow melting pool and good quality. The disadvantages are: complex equipment structure, difficulty in the arrangement of the motor, and the difficulty of fusing the electrodes.

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