Copper Mould Tube 135*430

Item: Copper Mould Tube 135x430-Manufacturer
Description:135x430mm, Overall length 700mm,R=8000mm,DHP-Cr coating
Quantity:16 pcs
Application country:Russia
Product description



Item: Copper Mould Tube 135x430-Manufacturer

Description:135x430mm, Overall length 700mm,R=8000mm,

DHP-Cr coating

Quantity:16 pcs

Application country:Russia

Delivery date:2011.12


Copper materials have a relatively low hardness and thus low resistance to abrasive wear. For this reason, a high degree of wear can occur in the lower part of the mould where the strand shell has hardened. To counteract and improve the service life of moulds, DDMET has developed advanced mould coatings.


With good performance, our products are attracting more than 600 steel companies.

Domestic market includes Tiangang Steel, Baogang Steel, Kungang Steel, Wugang Steel, Pan-gang Steel, Shagang Steel,Hanggang Steel, Guanggang Steel, Liugang Steel, Jigang Steel, Nangang Steel, ect. more than 500 steel enterprises. The possessive rate of mould tube is about 35%, taking the leadership in domestic market.


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