Copper Mould Tube 60*60

Item: Copper Mould Tube 60X60-Manufacturer
Description:60x60mm, Overall length 1000mm,R=9000mm, DHP-Cr coating
Quantity:30 pcs
Application country:Vietnam
Product description

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Item: Copper Mould Tube 60X60-Manufacturer

Description:60x60mm, Overall length 1000mm,R=9000mm, DHP-Cr coating

Quantity:30 pcs

Application country:Vietnam

Delivery date:2016.11

The copper mould is the core part of continuous casting machine and regarded as " heart" of it.

We can offer billet, round and bloom copper mould tubes with all existing specification and design.

-Size of billet mould tube is from 60mmx60mm to 700mmx700mm, of round one from Φ80mm to Φ1000mm, of bloom one from 135mmx430mm to 550mmx720mm.

-Taper design: according to customer’s needs and working environments.

-Featured designs with single taper, multi taper and parabolic curve.

-Capability: 50000 pcs/year

-Material: DHP, CuAg, CuCrZr

-Coating: Cr, alloy coating

Dalian Dashan Metallurgical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd (DDMET) is a subsidiary company of the Dashan Group. DDMET is mainly responsible for the general contracting of design, fabrication and installation for the Continuous Casting Machine Projects of the Dashan Group. The company’s main functions include the design and engineering of metallurgical equipment, including but not limited to:

Conceptual design,

Design of environmental protection equipment,

Technical consultation with sales, services and supply of related equipment.   

DDMET complete line of equipment supply include:

Iron and steel smelting equipment,

Continuous casting equipment,

Rolling equipment,

Metallurgical auxiliary equipment and environmental protection equipment.

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