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Inorganic salts mold blocked how to repair
Mar 20, 2018

First of all should be hot magnesium sulfate cream, if the frost can not solve the problem, the continuous evaporation of the mold magnesium sulfate, and then 0.6MPa (table pressure) of compressed air blown. If blowing apart does not solve the problem. The obstruction in the pipe, such as wood plug, cleaning pipe fittings used emery cloth, cotton yarn, etc. left in the pipe. This situation should generally be done by cutting the tube. But in order to reduce the number of root of the tube. The obstruction in the tube should be found. Can be based on the tube before and after the frost situation, the tube has liquid flow sound and other throttling phenomenon to find a blockage.

  Find the obstruction, cut the pipe, remove the obstruction, and then weld the pipe well, after the test check leakage qualified to restore the use of continuous evaporation crystallizer. Continuous evaporation of the mold is easily out of the problem is plugging, if the evaporation of the pipe leakage, such as in the smooth wall pipe or the top tube, the emergence of needle-shaped small holes, should be welded repair. If the production task is busy, can not immediately weld repair, should be plugged in the leakage of rubber plate, with a tube card in prison, to produce the off-season when the welding repair.

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