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Inspection of the quality of the mould copper tube
Mar 20, 2018

  A lot of friends in the procurement of mold copper tube when found inconvenient to identify the pros and cons of copper tubes, according to the current test in accordance with the ASTM B88-1996, En1057-x, gb/t18033-2000 has three standards, let us analyze:

1. Size and deviation These three standards strictly speaking, from the size of the specifications and deviations are different, we have to strictly follow the order of the selected standards to carry out. The fitting standard of gb/t18033-2000 is not perfect, so we recommend to try it carefully. (Explanation: The deviation index all includes the wall thickness and the outside diameter, cannot exceed the standard range, otherwise may affect the pressure and the assembly.)

2. Chemical composition

We all know in the purchase of copper tube when the Standard Rules: Copper + silver must not be set at 99.9%, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the pipeline.

3. Mechanical properties Test--tensile strength and elongation rate

The ASTM b88-m type tube needs to do the tensile strength test, the en1057-x type tube needs to increase the elongation the test project.

4. Water pressure test and eddy current flaw detection

Water pressure test According to the maximum working pressure of 1.5 times times pipe (can be calculated or from the standard), the ASTM regulation of the following 80mm copper tube must pass the eddy current flaw detection.

5. Surface Quality The inner and outer walls of the pipe should be smooth and clean, and there should be no delamination, sand holes, cracks, etc. But the slight thickness of the deviation of the scratches, slight oxidation does not make scrap basis.

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