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Mold related knowledge
Mar 20, 2018

1. High efficiency billet continuous caster mold Copper tube cavity shape design principle

   The shape of copper tube cavity in the mould of high efficiency billet caster is designed according to the solidification characteristics of continuous casting billet. Mainly considered two aspects: first, in the vicinity of the meniscus, due to heat flux density, heat concentration, mold copper tube heating deformation. The second is the shrinkage of billet shell during solidification.The principle of the design is that the shape of the copper tube cavity of the mould is consistent with the shrinkage law of the solidified shell and reduce the air gap thermal resistance.

2. The main characteristics of high efficiency continuous casting mould copper pipe material

   High-efficiency continuous casting crystallization equipment quality requirements are good thermal conductivity, recrystallization temperature high, thermal fatigue, high strength, good wear resistance, long service life, high efficiency continuous casting mold copper pipe quality is the main characteristics of the above performance of copper pipe quality is the best comprehensive.

3. Hot Top Crystallizer 

   A: The surface quality of the billet is largely determined by the uniformity of the primary billet shell at the meniscus, and the uniformity of the primary billet is determined by the heat flux and the uniformity of heat transfer at the meniscus. The high heat flux, the growth of the primary shell is too fast, will increase the depth of the vibration mark, at the same time make the shell early contraction, enhance the thickness of the billet shell uneven. Local formation of depression, tissue coarsening, resulting in obvious crack sensitivity. For this reason, the low heat conduction material is inlaid in the meniscus of the crystallizer to reduce the heat flux and delay the shrinkage of the billet shell, that is, the hot top crystallizer. The results show that the speed of casting low carbon steel is 1.3m/min, and the heat flux at the meniscus is: ordinary Crystallizer 2mw/m2, hot top Crystallizer 0.5mw/m2.

The heat flux of the hot-top crystallizer is reduced by 75%, the vibration mark is reduced by 30%, and the surface quality is obviously improved.

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