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Pulling out speed control
Jun 05, 2018

The pulling out  speed refers to the length (m/min) of strands drawn per time per minute in the continuous casting machine. It can also be expressed in terms of the weight (t/min) of the strand drawn per unit time.

The pulling out speed is an important control parameter in normal casting operations. The temperature of molten steel in the tundish is the key to controlling and adjusting the pulling out speed. Its temperature directly affects the solidification rate and internal quality of molten steel. If the pulling speed is too big, the thickness of the shell at the exit of the crystallizer will be insufficient, and it will be difficult to withstand the drawing force and the static pressure of the molten steel, and the billet will be pulled or cracked. Raising the speed should be based on the premise of obtaining a good billet structure and ensuring normal operation.

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