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The function of continuous casting crystallizer
Mar 20, 2018

The mould is the key part of the continuous casting machine.

Its function is:

(1) To ensure the thickness of the billet shell and prevent the leakage of the mold at the highest possible speed.

(2) The surrounding thickness of the billet should be uniform. The solidification behavior of molten steel in Crystallizer has great influence on the surface quality of billet and normal production of casting machine.

Therefore, the mold has the following requirements:

(1) for the rapid solidification of molten steel, the mold wall should be good thermal conductivity and water cooling conditions.

(2) for the solidification of the primary shell and the mold wall is not bonded, the friction is small, in the pouring process, the mold should be up and down reciprocating movement and add lubricant.

(3) In order to make the billet shape correct, to avoid the mold deformation and affect the billet, the mold should have enough rigidity.

(4) The structure of the mold should be simple and lightweight. Mold is a very good thermal conductivity of copper and copper alloy lining, outside the sleeve has a jacket through water cooling. Its structure is divided into copper inner wall, coat and sink 3 parts.

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