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The necessity of repairing mould copper tube
Mar 20, 2018

  The necessity of repairing mould copper tube

Steel mills, to reduce costs, must be Shewaili.

Compare: Steel mills to buy a new copper tube, the need for more than 8000 yuan.(150 copper tubes for example)

  Repair a copper tube price of 1500-2000 yuan.

Steel mills can save 6000 yuan. Remove the cost of copper, net savings of 3500 yuan.

It's a figure I don't know. An annual output of 1 million tons of steel, copper tube needs 200.

The festival is about 700,000 yuan.

But the key is, the repair of the copper tube performance can achieve new tube performance?         Answer: Definitely reach.

The over-rigid volume stabilized at more than 5000 tons.

Now abroad are engaged in repair, the benefit of the country.

  New process to repair the mold copper tube, taper, wall thickness difference, surface degree, hardness, heat transfer, coating can be achieved, the level of the letter tube.

  The National Development and Reform Commission, the Steel Federation, are calling for steel mills to use repair copper pipes. Therefore, the future of mold copper tube repair is necessary, must be repaired.

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