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Ultrasonic testing of copper mould coatings
May 05, 2018

Because the nickel alloy layer of copper mold of continues casting machine in steel mill, the adjoining surfaces of mold in pouring gate due to the high temperature and the molten steel attrition creates the breakage or the peeling. Therefore use ultrasonic testing to pick out the bad adjoining surfaces of mold in time to avoid the nickel layer’s breakage. In the casting process, the breakage of mold cause the cooling water contact with the molten steel creates BO. Thus cause not only the production loses but also creates the gas to explode and cause the personnel and the equipment dangerous loss.


1. Coating nickel layer of copper mold must serious control in the production system, otherwise easy to have the bonding problem.

2.The copper mold in different continues casting machine under the same condition of casting process, coating layer has the different result actually, therefore may suspect reasonably the casting machine has the sensitive factor cause fissure and dis-bonding of layer during the maintenance process, suitable further comparative analysis. To avoid the trend opportunity of fissure and dis-bonding of nickel layer of the copper mold by continually collect records, reorganizes the events condition, and seeks the process condition, the maintenance condition optimization.


To using UT testing for checking layer bonding condition of mold is important for prevent or reduce the fissure and dis-bonding probability in conti-casting production line.

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