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What is a crystallizer copper tube
Mar 20, 2018

Copper pipe is also called copper tube. A type of non-ferrous metal tube that is pressed and drawn to a seamless tube. Copper tube with strong, corrosion-resistant characteristics, and become a modern contractor in all residential commercial housing water pipeline, heating, refrigeration piping installation preferred.

Copper pipe is the best water supply pipe.

Commonly used copper tubes can be divided into the following types:

Copper condenser tube, mold copper tube, air-conditioning copper tube, all kinds of extrusion, pull (reverse extrusion) copper tube, iron brass, copper tubes, bronze tube, cu-cu tube, beryllium brass tube, tungsten copper tube, phosphor bronze tube, aluminum bronze tube, tin bronze tube, imported copper tube, etc.

Thin-walled copper tube, capillary copper tube, metal brass pipe, shaped copper tube, small copper tube, pen copper tube, pen copper tube, etc. According to the user needs, according to the drawings processing production square, rectangular mold copper tube, and D-type copper tube, eccentric copper tube.

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