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What is the difference between the multi-effect continuous evaporator and the ordinary continuous evaporation crystallizer
Mar 20, 2018

Evaporation Crystallizer has a multi-effect continuous evaporator, its characteristics evaporation device will have flash steam, this function can improve the utilization of heat, so as to improve the evaporation crystallization efficiency.

  Let's see what is different between the multi-effect continuous evaporator and the ordinary continuous evaporation crystallizer. Working principle: The hot air from the dryer bottom of the cyclone along the tangent direction into the dryer, and generate a high-speed maneuver of the rising air flow, the drying of the material from the feeder to the drying room, and in the high-speed cyclotron airflow and the bottom of the joint action of the mixer, clumps of materials are constantly broken, dispersed, boiling and drying.

 The dry qualified material is brought out by the air flow from the upper outlet of the dryer, the finished product is dried after being captured, and the material with high or humidity particles is set to block the grading weir on the upper part of the drying chamber, while the drying room continues to be further dried until the airflow is brought out.

Flash steam must be buck, so there is a certain loss of fire. Therefore, in terms of circulation, the thermal efficiency of the flash-steam generation system is lower than that of the general steam cycle. Therefore, in order to make full use of high-temperature hot water, reduce the flash evaporation process caused by the loss of fire, improve the cycle efficiency, the use of multistage flash system, so that all levels of the difference in temperature, to obtain the best hot water utilization effect. The setting of Flash system series should be considered synthetically according to the above principles.

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