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What material does the mould copper tube usually make
Mar 20, 2018

  The mould copper tube is a very important part, which is directly related to the performance of the caster and the quality of the billet. The common reason for the poor quality of the continuous casting machine is the copper tube of the mould. Because of the internal and high temperature molten steel in the copper tube, the temperature difference between the inner and outer surface of copper tube is large, the thermal stress is high and the variability. The inner cavity shape of the copper tube is very important, to protect the shape of the copper tube cavity and crystallization solidification of the billet shell, can be small and uniform, so the copper pipe quality has a strong ability to resist thermal deformation, that is, the requirements of high recrystallization temperature, small thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal conductivity, thermal fatigue strength high. Copper pipe quality selection along the direction of copper → phosphorus deoxidation copper → Silver copper → chromium zirconium copper, because of the chromium and zirconium copper crystallizer temperature is the highest of the above several materials, so its ability to resist thermal deformation is the strongest.

  However, because of its high cost, there are many problems such as the rebound of copper pipe in the extrusion process, and the domestic mould copper pipe is not used in manufacturing.

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