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Development System Of High-tech Continuous Casting Equipment
Mar 20, 2018

  1.Continuous casting equipment consists of ladle turntable and medium chartered steel equipment, casting billet solidification Crystallizer, billet support and transmission roller, billet cutter, etc. The fan segment is an important unit on the caster, which is composed of many rollers. The survey shows that in the past 10 years, the ratio of the failure time of continuous casting equipment, the Crystallizer accounted for 7.5%, LT and TDC accounted for 8.3%, the hydraulic system accounted for 8.6%, transport accounted for 9.5%, cutting accounted for 15.6%, fan section of the roller accounted for 7.7%, bearing accounted for 42.8%. The above data show that the fault of sector segments accounted for more than half of the fault 50.5%. Therefore, the strengthening and toughening of sector segments is the key to improve the reliability of continuous casting equipment, and the sector segment is made up of rollers, bearings and seals, whose replacement cycle is determined by the components with the shortest life span, and the actual length of the bearing and when the rollers are cracked.In the production site, even if a part of the damage, replacement often need to shut down for several hours, so it is very important to develop the high reliability technology of the component.

  2. Fan-shaped roller bearings for the strengthening of the strength from the load capacity and adjustment of the point of view, fan-section roller more automatic adjustment roller bearings. However, the bearing is easy to form the uneven surface pressure distribution relative to the contact center, so it acts on the roller the friction moment balance between the outer seat rings will collapse, and even if the surface pressure is balanced, the constant relative sliding (differential slip) will occur due to the circumferential velocity difference between the roller and the inner and outer seat loops, which is unavoidable in the bearing structure. In order to avoid the skew moment and differential slip to aggravate the bearing wear, it is necessary to change the bearing into the complete line contact type bearing, such as cylindrical roller and tapered roller. In addition, a double row tapered roller bearing is developed in order to track the deflection of the roller by setting the spherical base outside the bearing. Because of the no contact angle of the cylindrical roller bearing, the radial and axial load can be assumed by the other part, which has the advantage of no composite load on the contact surface, so it can prolong the bearing life. In addition, it is easy to obtain the uniform surface pressure distribution throughout the full length of the roller, and the special convex is machined on the roller to ensure its automatic adjusting performance.

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