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How To Determine The Expiry Life Of The Mould Copper Tube
Mar 20, 2018

   Crystallizer is the core equipment of continuous casting machine, which bears the role of solidification of molten steel. In the process of continuous casting, the inner surface of the mould copper tube is in contact with the high temperature steel liquid, which is affected by the chemical corrosion of molten steel, the heat erosion and the friction between the billet shell and so on, the copper tube is susceptible to thermal deformation and surface scratch, which affects the continuous casting production and deteriorates the billet quality. Because of the variety of production and management system, different steel mills of the mold copper pipe scrap standards are not the same.

   It is usually used to calibrate the mold life by the amount of steel in the crystallizer, and the determination of the life of the mould copper tube is mainly based on two important parameters, namely, the inverted taper and the wear amount, and the two parameters are in fact mutually influenced. In order to eliminate or reduce the effect of air gap, the mold cavity should be designed into a certain inverted taper according to the different shrinkage characteristics of the steel grades and the thermal deformation degree of the mould copper plate. The selection of the taper of the Crystallizer should follow the following principles: the solidification shrinkage characteristics of steel grades, the mold cavity shape should be suitable to the actual shape of the solidified billet shell in the mold, so that the entire mold gap thickness to the minimum degree, improve the heat transfer effect of the mold, to ensure the thickness of the mold billet shell and the thickness of the billet shell. After the copper tube is used, the life of the mould copper tube is determined to be expired if it can not repair the taper of the Crystallizer to the standard range required by the steel mill.

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