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How To Improve Crystal Quality By Continuous Evaporation Crystallizer
Mar 20, 2018
  1. Improve Crystal Purity

In the crystallization process of continuous evaporation crystallizer. No liquid containing many impurities is an important factor affecting the purity of the product. The smaller the product body. The more impurities are adsorbed. If not handled well, it is necessary to reduce product purity.Generally put the goods and solvents together in the centrifuge or filter, stirring and then centrifugal or suction filter, so that the washing effect is good. 

When the crystallization rate is too fast, often occurs when a number of crystals formed into the "crystal Cluster" phenomenon, at this time easy to pay liquid and other impurities, or because. , green body to solvent large, crystal lattice often contains solvents. In order to prevent product cluster production, in the crystallization process can be moderately stirred.In order to remove the organic solvents in character, only the Recrystallization method can be used.

2, Recrystallization

Recrystallization is the crystallization of the appropriate solvent dissolved after the knot again, so that the purity can be improved, because impurities and knot substances in different solvents and different temperatures of the solubility of different.

3, change the size of the product body

When the continuous evaporation crystallizer solution is cooled rapidly, it can achieve higher supersaturation and get finer crystals, whereas slow cooling is often done to larger crystals. When the temperature of the solution increases, the nucleation speed and the growth rate of the crystal increase rapidly, but the latter is more significant. Therefore, the lower temperature to obtain a finer product body. Mixing can promote nucleation and speed up diffusion and increase the speed of nucleation.

However, when the stirring intensity of continuous evaporation crystallizer reaches a certain degree, it is not significant to accelerate the stirring effect.

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