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Production Technology And Application Of Clean Steel
Mar 20, 2018

   In recent years, with the progress of social science and technology, advanced high-end quality of industrial products are increasing, this to the cleanliness of steel put forward higher requirements. The concept definition of clean steel is relative, there is no absolute definition. It is generally believed that clean steel refers to the strict control of the contents of non-metallic substances inside steel, mainly control oxides, sulfide, etc., so that the steel sulfur, phosphorus, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, the five elements of Non-metallic substances control in the lower range of steel, mainly reflected in the following: less non-metallic impurities, total oxygen content low, small size, Less brittle materials, uniform distribution and moderate non-metallic inclusions form. It is also sometimes restricted to elements of steel, such as Cu, Ni, CR, etc., as well as limiting five harmful elements (e.g. as, Pb, Bi, Sb, SN, etc.).

   Improve the cleanliness of steel, can effectively improve the performance of steel, such as the carbon content in steel reduction, can increase the plastic deformation capacity of steel, change just impact toughness, improve durability and wear resistance of steel and other properties. The definition of clean steel is also limited by the application of the final product, the thinner the final product, the higher the requirement for cleanliness of the steel. It is very important to control the non-metallic inclusions that cause defects in the process of production. The inclusions in the billet are small in size. In the process of smelting, excessive mixing of molten steel can lead to the problems of steel slag, corrosion refractory and two times of steel oxide, and then there are large particles inclusions. The inclusions are divided into two types: endogenous inclusions and exotic inclusions. The endogenous inclusions are produced during the deoxidation process, which can reduce the content of the inclusions but cannot be completely removed, the production of exotic inclusions and smelting process are related, and can be completely removed by proper smelting process.

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