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Repair Technology Of Continuous Casting Mould
Mar 20, 2018

   In continuous casting production, the Crystallizer is the heart of the caster, and the technical properties of the mould copper plate, as the important heat conduction component of continuous casting from liquid molten steel to solidified solid shell, will directly affect the surface quality of the billet, the drawing speed of the caster and the working rate of continuous casting. In the process of working, the mould copper plate side and 1530 ~ 1570 ℃ liquid molten steel, protective slag contact occurs physical and chemical reaction, and a large amount of heat through convection, radiation, conduction transmission to the back of the copper plate 30 40 ℃ cooling water, there is a large temperature gradient and thermal stress solidified casting shell, protection slag, There is a serious friction between the copper plate and the tension, which results in the wear and erosion of the copper plate.

   Therefore, it is necessary to develop and study the maintenance technology of mould copper tube in order to ensure the physical and chemical reaction in the mould copper pipe in the continuous casting process in good condition. Recently, Baosteel machinery factory through the transformation of two electroplating production system, the use of advanced cobalt-nickel alloy, nickel-cobalt coating new technology, technology, replace the existing technology backward single metal composite coating technology, the production of serious environmental pollution of the surface of chromium plating technology, so that the plant to deal with the mold copper plate production capacity and product quality has been greatly improved. The performance of nickel-cobalt alloy plating on mould copper plate is better than that of NI-CR coating and ni-fe alloy and CR coating, which has higher hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance at high temperature. Nickel and cobalt prices similar to the price of nickel and iron, and the use of the technology to repair the mold copper plate over the amount of steel 150x104t ~ 200x104t, the service life increased by 3 5 times times, copper can be plated 10 times. If copper plating technology is used, copper is always available, greatly saving costs. At present, the technology has been widely used at home and abroad, by the trust of users, is currently the world's continuous casting mold copper plating in the field of the most valuable and advanced technology. It can improve the production efficiency of continuous caster, reduce maintenance times and reduce the cost of ton steel. The implementation of this technology will bring greater economic benefits to the mould copper production plant, copper plating repair plant and steelmaking plant.

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