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Production Equipment

Boring machine 9 sets

Milling machine:28 sets

Extruding machine: 4 sets

Hydraulic press: 10 sets

CNC machine: 9 sets originated from Taiwan and Germany 

Laboratory equipment: more than 30 sets

Electroplating facilities: 15 sets

Welding machine: more than 20 sets

Analysis instrument: series of equipments

Heating furnace: 6 sets

Forging machine: 6 sets


Hydraulic press

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CNC machine center

台湾进口加工中心 CNC machining center imported from Taiwan(P9)_副本.jpg

DMG CNC machining center

DMG数控加工中心 DMG CNC machining center(P10)_副本.jpg

Electroplating equipments

Electroplating equipments 电镀设备(P11)_副本.jpg

Our Certificate

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With advanced equipments purchased from Germany, Dashan is able to offer our customer the finest machined products. The Group has over 500 engineers and technicians including:

-186 bachelors degree,

-8 masters degree,

-1 senior analyst from Chinese Academy of Sciences and 4 professors,

-more than 30% of our staff are technicians.

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