Guide Car for Coke Oven

Item:Guide car
Application country:Japan
Item date:2013.10
Product description

Item:Guide car

Application country:Japan

Item date:2013.10


DDMET, one of dominant enterprises for design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of coke oven machinery in China, is capable of manufacturing the coke oven machineries with kinds of specifications for 3.2m, 3.8m, 4.3m, 5.5m and 6.25m stamp-charging coke ovens. It has been coming up to the advanced home standard in field of design, manufacture and installation of coke oven machinery.


Our production equipments:

Boring machine: 9 sets

Milling machine:28 sets

Extruding machine: 4 sets

Hydraulic press: 10 sets

CNC machine: 9 sets originated from Taiwan and Germany

Laboratory equipment: more than 30 sets

Electroplating facilities: 15 sets

Welding machine: more than 20 sets

Analysis instrument: series of equipments

Heating furnace: 6 sets

Forging machine: 6 sets

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