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DDMET complete line of equipment supply include:

Iron and steel smelting equipment,

Continuous casting equipment,

Rolling equipment,

Coke oven machinery,

Metallurgical auxiliary equipment and environmental protection equipment.


Product Application:

DDMET's main engagements include development and design of metallurgical engineering technology, dedicated equipment for metallurgy, technological development and design of environmental protection equipment, technical consultation, technical services and supply of complete equipment. Its key products include iron and steel smelting equipment, continuous casting equipment, rolling equipment, metallurgical auxiliary equipment and environmental protection equipment, among which continuous casting machines and related spare parts are exported to more than 40 countries.

Production Market:

With good performance, our products are attracting more than 600 steel companies.

Domestic market includes Tiangang Steel, Baogang Steel, Kungang Steel, Wugang Steel, Pan-gang Steel, Shagang Steel,Hanggang Steel, Guanggang Steel, Liugang Steel, Jigang Steel, Nangang Steel, ect. more than 500 steel enterprises. The possessive rate of mould tube is about 35%, taking the leadership in domestic market.

Abroad market includes United State, Russia,India, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Pakistan, Chile, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia etc, more than 40 states and areas.

Quality and  After-sale Service:

QUALITY ASSURANCE is the top priority of the Group. With strict quality control and standardized and essential part every procedure of our production process.

We have the best sales network and after-sale service team in the industry to analyze and optimize performance of our products and to solve any problems which may occur during casting process.

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