Copper Mould Tube 150*150

Item: Copper Mould Tube 150x150-Supplier
Description:150x150mm, Overall length 900mm,R=9000mm, DHP-Cr coating
Quantity:30 pcs
Application country:India
Product description


Item: Copper Mould Tube 150x150-Supplier

Description:150x150mm, Overall length 900mm,R=9000mm, DHP-Cr coating

Quantity:30 pcs

Application country:India

Delivery date:2015.06


Mould taper

The type of steel, the construction of the casting machine, and the casting parameters are the main factors that must be taken into account when specifying the mould taper.

Abroad market includes United State, Russia, India, Germany, Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh, South Africa, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Chile, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and etc, more than 40 states and areas.

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