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Advantages Of Functional Crystallizer
Mar 20, 2018

   Functional Crystallizer Copper tube is a continuous casting crystallizer of a technical innovation, in the following several areas have made breakthroughs: 

(1) The function Crystallizer Drive source uses the numerical control servo electric cylinder, this is the world pioneering technology. Servo electric cylinder is widely used in aviation, military, machine tools, robots, metallurgical equipment and other fields, is the international high-end transmission technology applications most of the driving mode. NC Servo Electric cylinder has simple structure, quick response, high control precision, no need of hydraulic tubing, easy installation, high temperature resistance and vibration resistance, and fully adapts to metallurgical production environment.The use of numerical control servo electric cylinder as the driving source, the system structure is light, maintenance simple. 

(2) The function mold thin body. The vibrating table is changed to the support frame without vibration, and the foot roll and the 0th segment are fixed on the frame with no vibration and can be hoisted, and the vibration quality of the mould is reduced.

The advantage of lighter vibration quality of crystallizer is energy-saving; the second is that it is more easy to guide, the smaller the pendulum, the easier to realize the imitation arc. 

(3) The vibration curve adopts the multi harmonic Phase transformation optimization function.

On the basis of fully analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of other waveform functions, our company has developed a harmonic transformation function, which makes the vibration effect better.

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